Carmen Oquendo Villar


Carmen Oquendo Villar studied film in NYU and Harvard University, where she obtained her PhD in literature. Her work focuses on the Latin American transgender communities. She’s working on the feature documentary Todas las flores, part of the transmedia project Santafé, which explores an experiment in urban planning in Bogotá, home to a large part of the Colombia’s transgender community. The project zooms in on Bogotá’s High Impact Zone – a test of civic policy intended to protect and legalize sex work while promoting social integration. Through different platforms, Santafé tracks the way in which, over the years, the zone has transformed from a family neighborhood of wealthy Jewish immigrants to a migratory end point for impoverished refugees, ex-paramilitary, and former guerrillas. Through a rich narrative universe, Santafé seeks to recuperate (and in some instances recreate) the neighborhood’s historical past, investigate its present and propose ways to bring about post-conflict reintegration. Her work has been supported by the Guggenheim, Rockefeller, Giard and Jacob Javits Foundations, as well as the Fulbright and the National Endowment for the Arts.