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A Nation Abroad

Precedes "El Pueblo Soy Yo" | Documentary, USA | The untold story of Boston students who sparked change in Venezuela's worst political crisis. More

El Pueblo Soy Yo: Venezuela En Populismo

Documentary, Mexico/Venezuela | "I Am The People: Venezuela Under Populism" sets out to expose the skilful mechanisms of authoritarian power in the government initiated by Hugo Chávez and continued by Nicolás Maduro. More

El Cuarto Reino

Documentary, USA | "The Fourth Kingdom" tells the story of undocumented illegal aliens and underdogs who share disappointment in the American Dream... More

The Great Mother

Documentary, USA | Shot over two years, Nora Sandigo is legal guardian to over 2000 US-citizen children of undocumented immigrants, sacrificing everything to keep American-born children with their undocumented parents. More

Clean Hands

Documentary, Nicaragua | Shot over the course of seven years, Clean Hands tells the story of the Lopez family surviving Central America’s largest garbage dump, La Chureca. More

El Silencio De Otros

Documentary, Spain/USA | Filmed over six years, “The Silence of Others” reveals the epic struggle of victims of Spain’s 40-year dictatorship under General Franco, and their fight against a “pact of forgetting” around the crimes they suffered. More

Decade of Fire

Documentary, USA | In the 1970s, the Bronx was on fire. Abandoned by city government, nearly a half-million people were displaced... More

Change the Subject

Documentary, USA | How an instance of campus activism entered the national spotlight, and how a cataloging term became a flashpoint in the immigration debate on Capitol Hill.   More

25 Texans in The Land of Lincoln

Documentary, USA | Join the quest of 25 history students to repatriate General Santa Anna’s prosthetic leg and honor President Lincoln with a Day of the Dead altar.  More

La Camarista

Narrative, Mexico | "The Chambermaid" a young, single mother who travels far to get to her place of work, Eve has aspirations for the future... More